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Brave Mother Rabbit And The Monkey

Oops, Who's Throwing At Me?

When the mother rabbit returned home, she had a big shock sitting before her home. She saw a tiger in front of her home. “Oh, my god, my children are inside. If they come out, the tiger will catch them. I have to act fast. Somehow, I have to distract the tiger by doing some trick,” thought the mother rabbit.

She waited there with a pounding heart. She went to her friend Mr. Monkey, told him about the problem she was facing. “Don’t worry, I am here to help,” the monkey consoled the mother rabbit.

The monkey jumped from one tree to another and reached the tree under which the tiger was sitting.  On its way, the monkey had collected some stones, which he started throwing at the tiger. The tiger couldn’t understand who was pelting stones at him. The tiger looked around and couldn’t see anybody. “Oh, I think this tree has superpowers. Now the tree is throwing small stones at me, soon it may be big stones. Better I have to leave this place right away,” the tiger escaped from the tree, running as fast as he could.

The mother rabbit heaved a sigh of relief, thanked the monkey for his action. She joined her kids, who were anxiously waiting for her without knowing the danger they faced.

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