Tiger Cub And The Bear

tiger cub and the bear story

The Smart Cub

Tiger cub was playing alone. His mom and dad were away hunting. “When I grow up, I can also go with my parents,” the cub said to himself. Suddenly he heard a noise. When he looked up, he saw a bear. The tiger cub got frightened. His mom and dad had warned him about the bear not to go any near to a bear. The tiger cub went hiding behind a bush. He peeped out of the leaves, saw the bear standing there. Luckily, the bear didn’t see the cub. It was looking at a honeycomb that was hanging from a tree. The tiger cub waited there and soon fell asleep.

The tiger cub woke up hearing his parents calling for him. “Hey son, where are you?” the tiger cub’s parents were frantically searching for him everywhere. “I am here, mom and dad,’ the tiger cub got out from his hiding place. “Oh, you are here. We were worried about where you had gone. Why are you hiding in the bush?” asked his parents.

“It’s because I saw a bear. It was a big one, standing was very near to me. So I went hiding without getting noticed by the big bear,” said the tiger cub.

“Smart boy, we love you,” the cub’s parents praised him for obeying their words.

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