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Watch Me Dancing In The Air

You are a champion!

The giraffe grazing in the meadows saw a monkey doing some adventure. The curious giraffe asked what the monkey was doing.

“I am practicing for the next monkey Olympics. I want to become a champion,” said the monkey.

“Oh, I see. When I saw you doing these adventures, I thought you would fall from the tree,” said the giraffe.

“No worries, Mr. Giraffe. I won’t fall because I am made for it,” said the monkey.

The giraffe watched the practicing monkey. Suddenly, the monkey lost its grip and fell down. Immediately, the giraffe took the monkey with its long neck, and the monkey landed on the giraffe’s shoulder without any injuries.

“Thank you very much, bro. You saved my life,” said the monkey with tears in his eyes.

“No worries, bro. Be careful next time, and avoid overconfidence,” the giraffe told the monkey and walked away.

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