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Pilly's Sleep Walk

It's a sleepwalk, baby

Pilly, a small rat, has a problem. He walks during the sleep. His mother warned him of the dangers of walking during the sleep. But Pilly never listened to her and avoided meeting a doctor.

On a winter night, Pilly was walking in the sleep and went straight into a cat’s house. He went inside. The cat was sleeping. Pilly walked inside the room the cat was sleeping. Suddenly, pilly woke up from the sleep.

“Oh, my god, where am I?” pilly exclaimed. He saw a cat just in front of him sleeping. He was frozen with fear. Pilly tiptoed out of the cat’s house and ran to the safety of his home.

Back home, his mother was anxiously waiting for Pilly. When she saw her son, she was relieved. Pilly agreed to see a doctor to avoid his sleepwalking.

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