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True Friends Help You In Hard Times

Why are you sitting in the rain?

The baby monkey was upset. Everything happened so quickly, and he is left with no home. How can he stop crying over losing his sweet home? To make matters worse,  it started to rain also!

“Hey, why cry, my dear friend? Why don’t you take shelter on a tree? See, it is raining heavily!” the baby elephant said to the crying baby monkey. “We lost our home just now. In the morning, some woodcutters came here and axed my home down, and they took it away in their truck. I don’t know where to go now. I am waiting for my parents to come back. They will be coming only in the evening,” said the baby monkey.

“Don’t worry, baby. It’s no time to cry, let’s think about what we can do next. Ok, now, will you please climb upon me, I will put you in that tree,” said the baby elephant pointing to a nearby tree. The baby monkey was happy to obey him and readily climbed upon the back of the elephant. The elephant using his trunk put him on another tree. “I will give you company till your parents come,” said the elephant. Both chatted for a long about the woodcutters causing the trees to fall down. The baby elephant stayed with the monkey until his parents returned in the evening.

“Hey, baby, you did a great job today, we don’t know how we should thank you!” The monkies said to the elephant and gave him some bananas to eat as a token of their appreciation.  The baby elephant was happy to get the bananas because he always loves to eat bananas and returned home happy.

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