Unexpected Sailor!

monkey in a boat
Who can help me out?

Hello everybody, I just don’t know what to say. You must be wondering what this monkey is doing in a boat. Ok, I will tell you my story and how I started sailing. I set out for this journey without any planning. I live on an island far away. I had a dream to become a sailor one day, but now I find myself surrounded in the middle of the ocean all alone!

One day, I was sitting on the top of a coconut tree, watching the sea and the boats. Suddenly, I had this idea. Why not go and sit on that boat and act like a sailor. I got down from the coconut tree and ran to the fisherman’s boat. I jumped onto it and started to imagine myself as a great sailor. It was simply great to think and act like a sailor. A dream came true, but I had to pay a heavy price for that.

After a few hours of playing inside the boat, I got tired and started to sleep inside the boat. I don’t know what happened later. When I opened my eyes, I found myself sailing. Yes, my dream came true, but…. what next? I remember a story I have heard few years ago about a lion sailor. This vast ocean is staring at me! Please help me out. Will you?

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