Poking A Frog Is Not Fun!

elephant and the frog cartoon
Why You Are Sad, Mr.Frog?

“Hey, you are sitting on my way, if I didn’t see you I would have crushed you under my foot,” the elephant said. “Sorry, dear, I am too worried about something else, that’s why I didn’t notice you. Thank you for seeing me,” said the frog. What’s that serious matter haunting your mind? May I know it?” the elephant asked.

“I am being harassed by a silly fox. Whenever he sees me, he is bullying me. I find his behavior so painful,” said the frog. “Don’t worry dear friend, I will make your life easy by getting rid of him. I will show him poking a frog is not fun anymore! Let me hide behind that rock. When the fox comes, you just stay where you are, completely ignoring him,” said the elephant.

After a few minutes, the silly fox came that way. He saw the frog sitting and started poking the frog. The frog cried in pain. Suddenly the elephant appeared before the fox. “You just made my friend cry, so I will make you cry too,” said the elephant. He took the fox on his trunk and threw him away. He fell in a place miles away in the middle of other foxes, his friends. Everybody laughed at him and made fun of him. That day fox learned a lesson the hard way. He vowed that day that he will not harm anybody.

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