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Patience Is A Virtue My Boy!

Look mom I am hungry

“Mom, where are you? Ah, here you are. I was looking for you everywhere. I was worried about you,” complained the tiger cub. He was sleeping when his mother went out. When the cub opened his tiny eyes, the usual greeting by his dear mother, that made the tiger cub worried. “Oh, baby, I’m waiting for some animals to hunt for our lunch. Sometimes animals go through this place. We have to sit silently until the animals reach closer. You sit beside me. I will show you how to hunt the animals,” said the tiger mother. “Ok, mom, I’ll help you,” said the baby.

Mother and the child waited for a long time, and then a deer appeared from nowhere. The deer was coming near and near, and the baby got excited and screamed with joy. Hearing the sound, the deer noticed tigers. Within no time, she disappeared. “Hey, baby, what you have done today is foolishness. We can get something in life only if we show patience, do you understand?” the mother asked the baby.

“Sorry, mom, I should have kept silent. It’s a lesson I learned today. I will never get excited too much and wait for the right opportunity,” said the tiger cub. “It’s Ok, baby, don’t worry. Sometimes we all get excited about silly things, but that will not do anything good for us,” smiled the tiger mother while waiting for their next prey.

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