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What Makes An Elephant So Angry!

Stay Away From Me!

This elephant seems to be very angry seeing us! Let’s ask him why he is so angry? Be careful! he may not like our presence. Keep a safe distance from him. “Hey, Mr. Elephant, it seems you are displeased with us being here. May we know why you are so angry?

I want to get rid of those bloody hunters!

I am angry because I don’t like strangers here, especially humans. They come here, and we lose our peace of mind. You know we are the most peace-loving creatures on the earth, but we don’t like our peace of mind to be disturbed! Years ago, some hunters caught my friend and took him away. Now, whenever I see people here, I try to frighten them.

We are sorry about your friend, Mr. Elephant, but we are here not to hunt you but to shoot your photos to tell the world about you.

Ok, then take one shot and go! I will stand still for the photo but go away after your photoshoot.

Thank you, Mr. Elephant. We got some excellent photos of you. We’ll let the world know what is making an elephant angry!

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