Cat And The Elephant Brigade

cat and the elephant
I See You Very Happy Today!

“Hey, what’s up bro? Hope you had lunch?”

“Yes, Mr.Elephant, today is a beautiful day with a lot of activities to do. I went fishing in the lake with my friend Tom. It was just so great to watch Tom catching the fish. I ate a lot of fish today and can’t move, taking some rest.”

“Oh, I see, cats are so lucky, just sitting pretty, and there are so many admires you’ve got.”

“What about you? I know you have a lot of fans, especially children who would like to befriend you. Let me ask you a question. Do you enjoy being here, away from your home?”

Absolutely not. I love living in a forest, where we elephants have a lot of freedom. We go together as a group, and do a lot of activities every day. It’s boring here, nothing to do, just eating and entertaining people. I hate this life. I would like to go to the forest.”

The Trapped Elephant The Trapped Elephant
Don't Kick Too Hard, Or You Will Lose It Don't Kick Too Hard, Or You Will Lose It
Worry Of A Mother Cat Worry Of A Mother Cat