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Cat And The Elephant Brigade

I See You Very Happy Today!

“Hey, what’s up bro? Hope you had lunch?”

“Yes, Mr.Elephant, today is a beautiful day with a lot of activities to do. I went fishing in the lake with my friend Tom. It was just so great to watch Tom catching the fish. I ate a lot of fish today and can’t move, taking some rest.”

“Oh, I see, cats are so lucky, just sitting pretty, and there are so many admires you’ve got.”

“What about you? I know you have a lot of fans, especially children who would like to befriend you. Let me ask you a question. Do you enjoy being here, away from your home?”

Absolutely not. I love living in a forest, where we elephants have a lot of freedom. We go together as a group, and do a lot of activities every day. It’s boring here, nothing to do, just eating and entertaining people. I hate this life. I would like to go to the forest.”

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