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Thanks For Your Understanding

May God Bless You!

“Hey, little bird, what’s up? You seem little worried about something? Hope everything is ok with you living in this beautiful tree house? Can I eat these leaves with your permission?”

“I’m glad that you have asked for the permission, thanks Mr. Giraffe. You are free to eat anything you like. But if you eat the leaves of this tree, my home will be exposed to animals who hunts us as we lose our privacy. It will be easier for the predators to spot us. I beg you to turn your attention to another tree? Please consider this as a request from a worried mother bird!”

“I didn’t think of that. Thanks for pointing out the wrong thing I would have done to you and to your family. Next time onwards, I will not eat the leaves of the tree where birds are living. Have a nice day, baby!”

“Thanks for understanding our situation. You are a kind giraffe. I don’t know what to tell you. May God bless you!”

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