Worry Of A Mother Cat

bull and the cats cartoon
He Is So Adorable

A bull was walking along the green pastures., noticed a small ball-like thing on the ground. On a closer look, he was it was a just born baby cat, and his mother was sitting beside him.

“Congratulations Ms. Cat, you have got a cute baby,” said the bull. “Thank you, Mr. Bull, for your kind words. But I am worried about my son’s future,” said the mother cat. “What worries you mother?” asked the bull. These days, people come and take my babies, they just ignore me and take away my precious babies. This baby is so cute, and I am sure that somebody will come and take him away from me,” said the cat. “

Don’t worry, mother, I will help you to hide the baby until he grows up. Come with me, and I will show you a place where he will be safe,” said the bull. They went to the cattle shed, and the bull showed the cat a corner where nobody will notice the cats are living there. The mother cat was happy about that idea. “Mr. Bull, you are just great, thank you,” said the mother cat. She laid her baby there, and he started sleeping.

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