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Helping A Fallen Bird

What are you doing here baby?

“It looks like she has fallen from the tree. I must help her our,” the baby fox saw a fallen bird from a tree. “Hey, what happened? what are you doing in the ground? You are supposed to sit inside the warmth of your treehouse,” asked the baby fox.

I was sleeping inside my treehouse. Suddenly a strong wind made the tree shaking that shook me as well. When I opened my eyes, I am down. You see, I am still a baby, who has no wings to fly,” the baby bird was crying. Suddenly, a snake appeared from nowhere. “Ha, ha, I got an easy prey today, laughed the snake. The fox knew that if he doesn’t act fast, the snake will eat the baby bird. He immediately jumped upon the snake and killed it. The bird thanked the fox for saving their baby from the snake.

The baby fox waited for the baby birds’ parents to arrive. They thanked the fox for the bravery and kindness he showed to their son, saving him from the clutches of the snake.

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