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Zoo Train Taking Little Children For A Joy Ride

Toy train in the zoo
Give way baby!

I am a zoo toy train taking excited kids for a joy ride around the zoo. I started running at this zoo many years ago, and am still in operation, and still going strong.

My usual day starts by gulping a lot of coal and water, as I get ready for my first journey of the day.  The water is boiled in the boiler, and when enough steam is there, my driver will let me go, and my strong pistons push the wheels.

Who Is There Greeting Me?

The zoo animals love seeing me chugging and spitting smoke onto the air. They are friendly to me and clear the rail I am running. See, how that baby elephant is waving his trunk to greet me. He is a cute funny character who always stands there, right on the middle of the rail to greet me. But before I reach him, he will give way for me. He knows my running schedule and waits for me.

I know that these kids are really enjoying their ride from their singing and clapping.  When I get tired and lose speed, my driver Tom feeds me with more coal and water, and I regain the power to run faster.

After the last run in the evening, I get rest till the next day morning. I love this job and hope to continue in this job for the years to come.  Hopefully, we will meet soon at the zoo soon!