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How The True Friendship Helps, Baby Lion And Baby Elephant

Why are you sad dear?

Baby lion and baby elephants were good friends in the forest. Every day both animals come together to play different games. One day, the baby elephant was seen sad. The baby lion asked why he is sad. The baby elephant told him that his mother is ill, and that’s why he is not happy. “Why, what happened?” the concerned lion asked. “She ate something that made her lose her health,” he said. “Ok, if that’s the problem, I think I can help you out,” the lion said.

Let’s Go To The Doctor

The baby lion took the baby elephant to the monkey doctor. The monkey doctor asked a few questions about the illness the elephant mother has. After hearing everything, the monkey doctor said that there is nothing to worry about. He gave baby elephant some medicines.  Back home, the baby elephant asked his mother to take the medicine he brought from the monkey doctor. She took the medicine, and within a few days, she regained her health. The baby elephant was happy and thanked the monkey doctor and baby lion for their help. That’s the way good friendship works, always there to help each other.

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