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Bad Tooth Of The Tiger

mother and son tiger
Mom, my tooth is aching

“Hey, son, why are you crying?” tiger mother asked her son.

“Oh, my tooth is paining. I can’t bear the pain. Please take me to the doctor,” said the tiger.

“Of course, let’s go to monkey the dentist then,” said the mother tiger.

Both mother and son tigers went to the monkey doctor. The doctor in the clinic invited them to his consulting room and asked the tiger’s mother about the problem.

“Doctor, please help my son. He is crying in pain. His tooth is aching,” said the tiger mother.

“No problem. Let me treat your son. Can you please open your mouth, my dear son?” asked the dentist.

The young tiger opened its mouth wide before the doctor. The doctor examined the tiger’s teeth with his magnifying lens.

“Oh, you have a bad tooth. But don’t worry, my dear son. I have a remedy for your bad tooth,” said the doctor, and he plucked some wild leaves from his garden and put it on the tiger’s wide-opened mouth.

“Now, chew this,” the monkey doctor asked his patient to chew the leaves.

“Wow, I can’t believe it! My pain is gone. Thank you, doctor,” said the tiger. The mother tiger was also happy to see her son smiling.

“Thank you, doctor. Please let me know your fee,” said the mother tiger.

“Don’t worry about it. I will collect it from you on your next visit,” said the monkey doctor. The tigers went happy to their home.

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