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Crocodile And Its Dentist Appointment

Dental appointment

“Hey, why are you lying here?” the baby fox asked when it saw a crocodile on the river bank.

“Oh, I’m waiting for a dental appointment,” the crocodile said.

The baby fox was curious. So he stayed there to see the dentist who’s daring to clean the crocodile teeth. Soon, a pink bird flew down. “Hello doc, I was waiting for you. You are in time,” said the crocodile.

The crocodile opened its mouth. The pink bird went inside the crocodile’s mouth and started duty, carefully cleaning each of the croc teeth. One by one, the pink bird finished cleaning all of the crocodile teeth.

“Next time, be careful with your chewing. I know you are chewing on hard things. But now you have become old, and your teeth are becoming weak,” the dentist warned the crocodile.

“Ok, doc, I will be careful next time. Thanks for your valuable service,” said the crocodile.

The dentist flew to her next patient, another crocodile waiting for its teeth cleaned.

“Hey, Mr. Croc, you forgot to pay her,” said the baby fox.

“Ha, Ha, Ha, I have already paid her. She gets her food from my teeth. When she cleans my teeth, she gets plenty of stuff to eat from the cleaning,” said the crocodile.

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