Life Of A Crocodile

crocodile waiting
Waiting for you!

Every morning, this crocodile comes out of the river. On the riverbank, it spends time daydreaming. Hey, here are some birds around the crocodile. What are these birds doing here? The crocodile loves to see these birds around him who come to clean his teeth.

Once the cleaning session is over, the crocodile dive into the river. There, it hides under the water, waiting for unsuspecting animals who come to drink water. Sometimes, there is a herd of animals that appear.

But this crocodile is also very shrewd. It spots just one and keenly observes the animal for the right opportunity to catch it. From its experience, the crocodile knows that speed is the key.

A crocodile’s jaw is so strong. Even elephants have a hard time dealing with a crocodile attack. One day, an elephant was drinking water from the river. The crocodile grabbed its feet, the elephant lost its balance and cried for help. You know, a crocodile’s jaw is built to chew things hard. Other elephants came to its rescue. Somehow the elephant managed to escape unhurt.

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