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Bear And The Ducks Story

Nice to see you again

One day, the bear came to see his friends, two ducks living in a pond.

“Hey friends, how are you today? This is my new scooter,” the bear excitedly showed the ducks in the pond. The bear was proud of his new possession and wanted to show it to its friends.

“Wow, your new scooter is bright and shining,” the ducks in the pond admired the bear’s new scooter.

“Hey friend, now you have a scooter. Will you please take us to a new pond? This pond is all dried out,” requested the ducks.

“Why not? Please jump onto my scooter. Let’s find a new place for you. I will take you for a ride,” said the bear. Bear and the ducks went for a ride. The ducks were very happy with their ride because it was the first time ducks had an opportunity to travel on a scooter. The bear took the ducks to different places, and they enjoyed their ride.

The bear took the ducks to a pond with plenty of water, a pond which was full of life. Seeing the new pond, the ducks were happy.

“Wow, we love this pond. Thanks for taking us here,” both the ducks said in one voice. The ducks got down from the scooter and dived into the pond.

“Thank you, dear friend, this place is so good. There are a lot of things to eat here. We absolutely love this place,” screamed the ducks. The bear was happy and went home to tell its mother about how he helped his friends.

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