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Behind A Friendly Invitation

Thank God, I reached in time

A baby elephant was wandering near the riverbank saw something like a rock. It was a crocodile. The baby elephant grew curious about the rock and started to play with its trunk. Only when the crocodile opened its eyes did the baby elephant realize that it was a crocodile and not a piece of rock.

“Hey, baby, I see you are a cute baby who wants to play. Why don’t you come down to our place? I’ll take you to our place. It’s a wonderful place you have never seen in your life. There are many exciting things to do underwater,” the cunning crocodile lured the baby elephant to step into the waters. The crocodile was actually trying to trap the baby elephant. Other crocodiles were waiting for the moment the baby elephant stepped into the waters to catch him.

Just then, the baby elephant’s mother appeared.

“Mr. Crocodile, how dare are you trying to trap my son? You just don’t repeat this, or I’ll smash you,” she said to the crocodile. When the crocodile saw the big mother elephant, he dived into the water. The baby elephant couldn’t understand why his mother yelled at the crocodile.

“Baby, you should not listen to strangers like this. They will offer you many things, but don’t get trapped yourself. You know, other crocodiles are waiting for you to catch you alive. If I didn’t reach here in time, you would have been trapped by those crocodiles,” the mother elephant said.

“Thanks, mother, for reaching here in time. I was almost taken by that cunning crocodile’s offer,” said the baby elephant.

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