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The Lost Baby Elephant

The lost child

“Mother, please wait for me,” screamed the baby elephant. He was way behind his mother. On the way, the baby elephant had a lot of distractions like beautiful butterflies, flowers, and so on, which made him lose track.

The bird from the tree saw the crying baby elephant. She promised the baby elephant that she’ll help. The bird flew around and found the mother elephant. The mother elephant was also worried about his lost son, frantically searching for the baby elephant. When the bird informed the mother elephant that her son was safe, she was relieved.

The bird flew back to the baby elephant. He was still crying loudly. “Hey, baby, stop crying. I’ve got good news for you. I found your mother,” the bird said. The bird took the baby elephant to his mother, and they were happy.

“Whenever you go around with your mother, never allow distractions to lose your track again,” said the bird. “Sure, I will not do it again. Thanks for helping me out,” said the baby elephant and went with his mother.

Sometimes, we also will lose track if we are engaging in different things at a time. When you are doing something, just focus on that.

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