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Two Little Girls And Baby Duck In The Pond

What a cute little baby swimming in the pond

Two little girls spotted a duck in the pond.

“Wow, what a cute little duck,” said one of the girls.

“Yes, where is your mother?” the girls asked the duck.

“Quack, Quack,” was the reply.

“Your mother not around? Let’s play with you until your mother comes,” said the girls.

The two little girls played with the baby duck. Baby duck enjoyed a great time together. After some time, when the mother duck came, she was shocked to see the girls with her baby.

“Quack, quack, what’s happening here? What are you doing with my little baby?” asked the duck.

The little girls said that they were playing with the baby duck.

“Quack, quack, thank you, little girls, for the company you gave to my little baby. I was worried about my baby.  It’s good that you girls were here while I was not here. Because that scoundrel cat is around trying to take my baby away from me.  It’s a good thing that you girls are around so that the cat stays away from my baby,” said the mother duck. 

“Come again tomorrow also. My baby is happy to play with you,” said the duck. The two little girls were happy to hear that and promised the duck mother their company to the baby duck while she was not there.

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