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Tiger On The Tree, Learning Patience!

Why no animals are coming this way?

It was the young tiger’s first day hunting alone. He climbed a tree, ready to pounce on any animals that crossed his path.

“I have been waiting here for a long time on a hunting mission. I don’t know why no animals are coming in my way. My father taught me how to hunt and advised me to wait for the right time to strike.

I am losing my patience. I can’t see any point in waiting,” the young tiger was on the tree top, waiting for its first prey. He was growing impatient as he couldn’t find any animals on his way.

So the tiger lost its patience and went to its father.

“Hey, father, I couldn’t hunt any animals today. I didn’t see any animals coming on my way,” said the young tiger.

“I told you not to grow impatient and wait for the right moment. I just saw a group of deer on your way, and you are here complaining to me. You lost that opportunity,” Tiger’s father said.

“I am sorry, father. I should have waited a little longer,” said the young tiger.

“No problem, my dear son. Try your luck tomorrow. Now come inside, and let’s eat the prey I caught together,” he said. The young tiger ate what his father gave him and waited for the next day to try hunting again.

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