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Elephant And The Frog In The Pond

I see you are the king here in the pond

Walking near the pond, an elephant saw a green frog in a pond. The green frog was sitting on a leaf in the pond. The elephant was curious about the frog and asked what it was doing in the pond.

“Hey, bro. I see you are wasting time sitting in the pond. Why don’t you with me to see the world around you?” asked the elephant.

“Oh, I love to see the world around me. I am glad that you have a mind to take me around. Everybody treats me as a silly frog. But you are the only one who showed me affection. I appreciate it,” said the frog.

So the elephant took the frog for a round around the forest. The frog was happy with the ride. Everything was new, different from the pond.

“I thought the pond was the world. But you showed me there is a world outside the pond, a big world. Thank you very much for showing me the broad outside the world,” said the frog. The elephant smiled.

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