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Three Crocodiles Story

There lived three crocodiles in a river. They were friends and enjoyed full freedom in the river. They stayed together all the time, and nobody was there to question the trio. If any animal comes to drink water, three crocodiles would attack the animal together, and eat it.

A Hard Decision

One day, one of the crocodiles, Tuty, said that he wanted to leave his friends to find a place where he would be alone. In short, Tuty became selfish and didn’t want to share the food with his friends.

The two other crocodiles were sad.

“Anyway, it’s your choice,” they said, and Tutty went to another place, away from his friends.

Starting A New Life

In the new place Tuty went, everything was better than in the previous place. But his impression of the new place didn’t last long until a group of hippos appeared in the river. They saw a crocodile in their territory and attacked him. Tuty had to flee from that place to save his life from hippos and reached the place he left. His two friends were happy to see their friend back.

“I am sorry, my dear friends. I should not have left you,” said the crocodile, and told them what happened with the hippos in the new place.

“Don’t worry, Tuty. We are glad that you are back. Let’s live and work together as a team again,” he other two crocodiles consoled Tuty. Sometimes, we all have to learn life lessons the hard way. Promise us that you will never leave us,” they said.

“Sure, friends. I won’t leave you. Let’s stay together and work as a team,” said Tuty.

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