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A Blackberry Adventure

Sh, Let's watch what they are doing?

Story Of Rabbits Who Loved Blackberries

Pete, the rabbit, loved blackberries. He discovered a place where a lot of blackberries were growing. But there was one problem. Some foxes are also living there.

One day, Pete told his liking for the blackberries to his best buddy Sam.

“The foxes are a big issue over there. But with careful planning, we can avoid the foxes and pluck all the blackberries we need for our family. Let’s go and hide somewhere near the blackberries to find out more about the foxe’s daily routine,” Sam said.

Pete agreed. Both the rabbits went near the blackberries. They saw the foxes were sleeping. The rabbits waited there. By noon, the foxes were gone out.

“Let’s go and pluck blackberries. The foxes all gone!” said Pete excitedly.

“Be patient, Pete. Today, we are here to study about the foxes routine. Tomorrow, we will come and pluck the blackberries,” said Sam. Pete agreed.

The foxes came back fast. They went to take a bath.

“See, if we were plucking blackberries, we would have finished by now,” said Pete. Sam agreed.

Foxes Day Out

“Come friends, let’s go hunting. As usual we will be hunting all day,” said one of the foxes, who was their leader. The foxes went out for hunting. But still, Pete said it’s not today, but tomorrow they will pluck the blackberries.

The next day, Pete and Sam were hiding in the same place. After the foxes went hunting after their bath, the rabbits plucked all the blackberries. The foxes didn’t return until it was evening. The rabbits got plenty of time to collect a lot of blackberries, enough for their whole families to survive the winter.

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