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The Perfect Worm Picker

I have a special liking for worms

Mrs. Hen came running. Has she gone crazy? Look at that! She picked a worm, a big one by her beak. That was a perfect catch. Her husband, Mr. Rooster is also an excellent worm eater.

Mrs. Hen is not shy to declare her love for the worms. If she hears about a place where worms are plenty, she will reach there in no time. Mrs. Hen loves to eat worms. Her well-trained beak can pick up the tiniest worms from the ground like a professional worm picker. Everything is executed so fast that even before a worm realizes that, the hen gulps it.

The worms are on a spree as they see the hen coming their way. But if she targets one, nobody can save the worm from the hen.

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