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Rooster And The Frog

rooster and the frog
You, see I am smart and handsome!

A rooster was roaming around with its head high. He saw a frog sitting.

“Hey, Mr. Frog, I must say that I am the luckiest bird in the world. You see, I have got everything. I am admired by all for my beauty and fighting skill,” said the rooster.

“Yes, you are a smart guy. But you have a weakness,” said the frog.

“Will you please let me know what weakness I have so that I can work on that,” said the rooster.

“You are thinking too much of yourself. You should learn to be humble. That way, others will give you more respect. Hope you have heard this saying, Give respect, and take respect,” said the frog.

“Oh, you opened my eyes. I have never thought about it before. Thank you very much, Mr. Frog. You made me humble,” said the rooster. The frog smiled.