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How The Boasting Monkey Stopped Boasting

Don't Worry, I won't fall!

There was a monkey who lived in the forest. He was an arrogant monkey, who thought that he could do anything of his own.

He felt he was the most adventurous animal in the world. Because he could jump from one tree to another, do many tricks, and fool others. Even he snatches food from people who come to visit the forest.

Need For A Horse Ride

One day, the monkey saw a horse. “One thing left on my list of adventures is a horse ride. I should do it now,” the monkey said to himself. So he approached the horse with a request to take him for a ride.

“I don’t think you can ride on me,” said the horse.

“No problem. You see, I am the most adventurous monkey in the world. I can take any challenge, whatever difficult it is. I am all by myself. I have been jumping from one tree to another, and nothing happened to me. So if I ride on a horse, it won’t make any difference. It’s easy for me,” the monkey said.

“it’s your wish! Here we go,” said the horse.

Please Stop

The monkey sat on the horse, and it started running. The monkey couldn’t stand it for long. It cried loud.

“Please stop, I will fall from you! Are you taking me to the hell?” cried the monkey.

“Once I start running, I can’t stop until I reach my destination. Even I can’t slow down because I am a horse,” said the horse, and it increased its speed. The monkey couldn’t balance itself on the fast-moving horse, and he fell down.

The monkey cried in pain. But the horse didn’t stop for him, because he was determined to reach his destination in time. Because he was a horse.

“Ouch, it hurts. I should not have boasted about myself before that horse,” the monkey finally realized. From that day onwards, the monkey never boasted to anybody.

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