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Crying Rabbit And Tiger

I will wipe your tears away

A tiger caught a rabbit crying.

“Son, why are you crying?” asked the tiger.

“I am crying because a fox is trying to eat me,” said the rabbit.

“I am here to save you from the fox. Be with me, I will teach that fox a lesson,” said the tiger.

Then the fox came there. The tiger threw the fox away, warning him not to lay his hands on the rabbit again.

The rabbit was crying again.

“Why are you crying again? See, I have dealt with the fox, he won’t come back to you,” said the tiger.

“How can I be happy when I am caught by a tiger,” said the rabbit.

“Oh, dear, you are free to go. Go and enjoy life,” said the tiger.

The rabbit went home to tell his story to other rabbits.

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