Narrow Escape From A Bear

Boy and the dog climbing the mountain cartoon
Way To Go!

The young boy and the dog started walking for some time. They have to reach boy’s uncle’s home before it’s evening. The boy had some honey bottles to gift his uncle, who is staying in a faraway place. 

There was a snowy mountain that stood upon their way. Soon, they started climbing the steep mountain. The climbing got heavier and heavier, because of the cold winter. Suddenly they heard a sound. What they saw made them freeze out of fear. It was a horrifying sight, a big giant bear was standing before them, staring at the dog and the boy. They couldn’t move out of fear. If they run because that would provoke the bear and kill them.

Suddenly the boy had an idea. He knew that bears are fond of honey. He opened his bag, opened the lid of one of the honey bottles. The bear smelled pure honey, immediately snatched the bottle from the boy’s hand. The animal licked the bottle, started drinking honey. Taking that opportunity, the boy and the dog had a narrow from the bear. They reached uncle safe and sound.



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