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The Little Secret Of Bunny Rabbit

Mr.Elephant I will Tell You A Secret

Being chased by a Lion, the little bunny rabbit ran as fast as she could.  She thought she is going to die in a matter of seconds, but decided not to give up. Rabbit didn’t want to die by becoming the lunch of a lion.  On the way, she spotted a big elephant. She had an idea, ran towards the elephant and just stood before the elephant. At first, the elephant just ignored the little bunny. But running around him, the elephant noticed her. It was a smart tactic the rabbit played to distract the lion. Seeing the big elephant, the lion stopped because he didn’t want to risk his life fighting with the elephant.

“Hey, Mr.Elephant I want to tell you a secret, which can save your life. Can you give me your ear? “Ok, what is your secret?” the curious elephant asked the rabbit.

Whenever you get an opportunity, never miss it!

I will tell that you in a moment, first let me settle down, she said. Meanwhile, the lion hiding in a bush saw rabbit tell something to the elephant, but couldn’t hear anything. He got the impression that the elephant and rabbits were big friends and she is telling the elephant about the lion. “It’s better to leave the rabbit with the elephant or that big elephant could give me a hard time,” thought the lion. So he went into another direction.

The Rabbit’s Secret

“What’s your secret?” the elephant asked the rabbit. Oh, my secret? Ok, I will tell you. Whenever you get an opportunity, never miss it, that’s what I just did. I was being chased by a Lion and saw you. My only hope was you because the Lion would never want to risk his life for me. So I made this opportunity to save my life.” that’s my secret. I hope this will save your life someday,” saying that the rabbit ran for a safe place, and the elephant nodded his head in agreement to the rabbit.

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