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Who Is Making Ripples In The River

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Surfing The Ripples!

That was just another boring day for the duck swimming in the river. The duck saw an elephant coming to the river to take a bath.

“Hi, there, I would like to bathe in the river. Can you please let me in,” asked the elephant.

“Sure, you can. Come on, we can play in the river,” said the duck.

Thank You For Making Those Ripples

The elephant was in the river, which made ripples in the river when the elephant moved. The duck enjoyed surfing in the ripples.
“Wow, these ripples you are creating are crazy. It’s really entertaining me,” screamed the duck.

The elephant made more ripples, and the duck enjoyed playing with the elephant.

After the bath, the elephant was returning to his home.

“Please come again and make ripples,” the duck said. The elephant smiled and said he would come again to play with the duck.

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