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Lion And The Little Bird, Teach Me Flying Story

Your majesty, please imitate me how I fly

A little bird was summoned by the king of the forest, the lion.

“Hey, little bird. It’s a shame for me to admit that I can’t fly, while little birds like you are flying in the sky. So I want to learn to fly in the sky like you birds fly. I want to conquer the skies. I think you can help me to fly, won’t you?” asked the lion.

The little bird was frightened to say, “No”. So the poor bird agreed to teach the lion to fly.

“Your majesty, you must flap your wings like this. But you don’t have wings like we birds have,” said the bird.

“Don’t give me any silly excuse. I don’t have wings. But I will manage to fly because my hands are stronger than your wings. I have fought even with elephants and killed them with my bare hands. You wait here. I am hungry, let me finish my lunch, and we will go,” said the lion arrogantly, and started eating the deer he caught that day.

Both the little bird and the lion king went to a cliff. The little bird showed the lion how she flew. Now it was the turn of the lion. He jumped off the cliff and flapped his hands like wings. But that didn’t help. The roaring lion fell from the cliff. The little bird never saw the lion again.

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