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I Don't Want To Loose My Teeth, A Tiger And A Rabbit Story

What's your secret? Why you don't fear me?

The tiger saw a rabbit. But the rabbit was not afraid of the tiger and was staring at the tiger. So, the tiger picked up the rabbit.

“Hey, silly rabbit, why are you not scared seeing a tiger in front of you? Don’t you know that the rule of the jungle is that everybody should fear a tiger,” the tiger said to the rabbit.

“I just don’t care who a tiger is, or who a lion is. If anybody tries to eat me, their teeth will come out of their mouth. So nobody will try to eat me. That is why I don’t fear you,” said the rabbit.

The tiger was confused. It had never heard about such a thing, losing teeth over a rabbit.

“Hey, Mr. Tiger, what the rabbit telling you is right. I have seen several tigers without teeth wandering here and there. I think they all tried to eat this rabbit,” said the bird.

The tiger couldn’t imagine a life without teeth. So he left the rabbit and ran away.

“You saved my life, dear bird,” said the rabbit.

“You also played smart. That’s why I supported you,” said the bird. Both of them laughed, seeing the tiger running away.

Story Discussion

Jaisy: Dump tiger

Jonah: You mean "dumb"?

Lol: Clever rabbit

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