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Why The Tiger Should Have Listened To The Duck

I am on an important mission. Don't distract me!

A Tiger Story Swimming Across The River

A duck saw a tiger swimming across the river.

“Hey, Tiger, where are you swimming?” asked the duck.

“I see a cow on the other side of the river. I want to eat it before it goes away,” said the tiger.

“You should be careful. It could be a trap. The hunters will hunt you,” warned the duck.

“I don’t care anything but the cow now. I need it to become my lunch,” said the tiger, and continued swimming.

The tiger reached the other side of the river. The cow was still there. The tiger jumped on the cow. Before it reached the cow, a cage from the top of the tree fell upon the tiger. The tiger couldn’t move, but the cow was outside the cage.

“Oh, the duck was right in warning me about the hunters. Now I lost my life,” the tiger regretted its decision, ignoring the duck’s warning.

The hunters took the tiger to the zoo where it lived the rest of its life.

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Lol: Swimming to the zoo!

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