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Crocodile And Its Dental Appointment

I am glad to serve you

The crocodile came out of the river and waited for the dentist, a flying dentist. After some time, a little bird flew down to the crocodile.

“Hello there, I am your new dentist,” the bird introduced herself to the crocodile.

“I am glad that you have come to clean my teeth,” the crocodile said and opened its mouth, revealing its teeth.

“Oh, your teeth need a heavy cleaning, which will take some time for me to finish. But, promise me that you won’t shut your mouth while I am inside your mouth,” said the bird.

“Don’t worry, little bird. We crocodiles never eat birds like you. If we eat you birds, who will clean our teeth?” said the crocodile.

The bird went inside into the crocodile’s wide-opened mouth and started doing her duty diligently.

What do the birds benefit from cleaning the crocodile stuff? They are not doing that for free. The birds get their food from the crocodile teeth. It’s mutual help animals do.

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