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The World Outside Is Dangerous

Mother, I want to out of this river

Two fish were swimming in the river. They were a mother and son.

“Mom, I want to go out of this river and see the world outside,” the son said.

“No, son. It’s dangerous to go out of the river. If you go out, you will find it difficult to breathe, and will die,” warned his mother.

But the fish ignored his mother’s warning and decided to out of the river. One day, he jumped out of the river with all its strength. He was successful in his first attempt itself. The fish was very proud of himself. He saw the outside of the river. It was a splendid view.

“Hey, somebody put me back into the river. I can’t breathe,” the fish screamed. But nobody was there to help the fish, and it lay on the banks of the river waiting for the death.

Suddenly, it started raining. It was a heavy downpur, and the rainwater took the fish back to the river. The mother fish, who was anxiously waiting for her son saw her son.

“Oh, son, you are back. I was worried about you,” the mother was happy to see her son again.

“Mother, I am sorry. I should have listened to you. Now, I will never go out of this river,” said the fish.

The mother fish was happy about her son’s words and thanked God for helping her son back to the river.

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