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There Is A Monster In The Pond

Dont be afraid

“Hey, baby, what’s up? You look terrified, what’s the matter?” the lion asked the baby elephant. “Hey Mr.Lion, don’t go near that pond, there is a big monster in the pond,” the excited baby elephant warned the lion. “Oh, I see, I love monsters. Have you seen the monster,” the lion asked. “No, I didn’t see it, but I heard it, it was a loud sound the monster is making from the pond,” said the elephant.

“Ok, let’s have a look, come with me,” said the lion. Both the lion and the baby elephant went near the pond. The elephant was right, there was a loud noise coming from the pond. The lion also got frightened the sound made him leave the place at once without saying a word.

Next came a Fox. Baby elephant warned him about the monster, but he also dared to go near the pond. Hearing the loud noise, the fox fled the place at once. Next came a rabbit. The rabbit was very intelligent. The baby elephant warned him about the monster. Both the rabbit and the elephant went near the pond. Still, the sound was there.

The rabbit looked into the pond and saw where the sound was coming from. “Baby, don’t worry, here are some frogs who make the sound,” he said. The baby elephant was greatly relieved. He thanked the rabbit for finding the truth behind the monster and went home with peace of mind.

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