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Rabbit With Big Ears

Please God, get rid of this big ears

Mocky, the rabbit, was mocked by his friends for the big ears he had. Even kids mocked the poor rabbit for the big ears. Mocky was always sad and cursed himself for possessing big ears.

But his big ears had one advantage. He could hear the sounds even from miles away. One day, Mocky was eating some carrots when he heard the sound of a tiger fast approaching.

“Hey, everybody, listen to me. We have to hide as fast as we can. A tiger is approaching us,” shouted the rabbit with big ears. So everybody went hiding. After a few minutes, the tiger was there. The tiger couldn’t find any rabbits there, so it went to another place for hunting.

After making sure that the tiger was gone,  the rabbits came out of their hiding place.

“Oh, Mocky, it is because of you we are alive,” said the rabbits. They thanked Mocky for the timely warning and made Mocky their king. Mocky thanked God for the big ears he has. Now, the Mocky is happy for the big ears he possesses.

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