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The Tiger Writer

This is a big story

“Hi, I am a tiger writer working on a story about my adventures. It gives me great enjoyment to write about my adventures.

We tigers are powerful and strict predators. We don’t fear anything that comes across in our way. Even elephants stay away from our path because they know how dangerous we are.

One day, while I was sleeping on a tree, I saw some hunters in a vehicle, heading towards the forest. I was alert and watched from the top of the tree what the hunters were doing.

They got out of the vehicle and hid behind the trees to shoot animals who came that way. I was furious. Why another hunter, when we tigers are here? I jumped into the middle of the hunters. They all got scared and ran in different directions. I couldn’t help stop laugh at the hunter’s plight.

By the way, have you ever seen a tiger in your life? If you have seen, please share your expereince about your experience.

Now, I am making this a story. “A Tiger Who Fearlessly Fought The Hunters,” is the title of my story.

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