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This Monkey Is Trying To Ride A Horse

Go fast and prove you are the fastest!

Be Careful When You Ride A Horse!

The monkey saw a horse. It always wanted to ride a horse, and now it got an opportunity when the horse agreed to a ride request by the monkey.

Monkey jumped on the horse’s back. The horse started walking.

“Hey, you are a horse. I challenge you to run fast to prove that you are the fastest animal in the world,” the monkey provoked the horse.

“If I run, I fear you will fall,” said the horse.

“Don’t be silly. Look, I am a monkey. I jump from one tree to another without falling down. I can easily handle a horseback ride,” said the monkey arrogantly.

The horse started running. The monkey couldn’t balance himself on horseback and fell down.

The monkey started crying and cursing the horse for the accident. The horse was still running without knowing that monkey fell down from its back.

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