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Rhino And The Giraffe Story

Son, What happened to you?

A Helping Neck

The giraffe girl saw a young rhino struggling desperately to get out of the place he reached. Following a beautiful butterfly, the young rhino lost its track. His mother was also desperately looking for her beloved son.

Shouting his son’s name, the mother rhino was frantically running here and there, searching for her son.

“Hey, son, it seems you are in trouble. Let me know how I can help you?” asked the giraffe.

“Can you please help me to find my mother,” asked the rhino.

“Sure, let me look around,” said the giraffe. The giraffe used its long neck to scan the whole area.

“Yes, dear, I found your mother. Let me signal her,” said the giraffe.

“Your son is here waiting for you,” shouted the giraffe. The rhino’s mother saw the giraffe and came running. Rhino’s mother was happy to get her son back. Both the rhinos thanked the giraffe for their happy reunion.

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