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Elephant And The Rabbit Story

Mr. Fox, Are You Ready For The Flight?

“How are you? rabbit?” The elephant asked.

“I am too worried these days dear. A cunning fox is eating all my peace of mind. He is trying to eat me,” the rabbit said.

“Oh, if that’s the case, I can help you out. Don’t worry about that fox. Next time when you meet the fox just tell him that I want to meet him.” the elephant said. 

A few days passed. One day, the cunning fox trapped the rabbit. “Ah, you are in my trap. All I have to do now is invite all my friends and you are the food for our dinner,” said the fox.

“Hey, Mr. Fox, before doing that just meet that Elephant. He was asking for you. He said to me that he wants to befriend you and tell you some good stories,” said the rabbit.

“Ok, I will meet him after the dinner, ha, ha, ha,” laughed the fox. He invited some of his close friends for the dinner. Everybody was happy to see the rabbit. They were dancing together before dinner.

It was getting darker, and they all heard a chilling sound. It was the sound of an elephant, who was fast approaching them. All the foxes ran away. But the fox who caught the rabbit couldn’t run away, as his tail was under the elephant’s foot.

“Why didn’t you invite me? Didn’t this rabbit tell you about me?” asked the elephant.

“I am sorry, Sir, I was about to meet you after dinner,” said the Fox.

“That’s not a good excuse for a cunning fox like you,” and the elephant grabbed the fox by his long trunk and threw the fox away. The rabbit was happy to see the elephant and thanked him for the timely rescue.

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