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You Can Become Anything In Your Dreams!

Um, I'll Wait Here! Let Him Wake Up From His Dream!

The elephant and the dog were good friends. One day when the elephant came to see the dog, the dog was sleeping. “Hey, it seems that my friend is dreaming something good. Let me wait here until he wakes up to ask him what he dreamed of,” the elephant waited for a few hours for the dog to awake from his sweet dream.

“A dream, which I will never forget in my life!”

After a few hours, the dog opened his eyes and saw the elephant. “Ah, you were here. Thanks for not disturbing my sleep. I was dreaming big,” said the dog. “Hey, please share with me the dream you had, won’t you?” asked the elephant.

dog flying in a hot air balloon“It was an interesting dream, which I will never forget in my life. I wish this dream to come true one day! In my dream, I was flying around the world in a hot air balloon. I was flying above everything, even above the birds who flew with me.

When I looked down from my hot air balloon basket, I saw people like ants. I saw you too from the sky. You were like a small rock! It was a great dream I had now. Thanks for waiting for me to finish the dream. ” said the dog.

“That’s a good dream. I also would like to fly in a hot air balloon,” said the elephant. The dog laughed and laughed. The elephant asked the dog why he laughed? “An elephant in a hot air balloon? I just can’t imagine it! It’s not possible at all,” said the dog.

“But I can dream of it, right? In a dream, anybody can do anything. So next time, I will dream about it, and I will fly around the world in my dream!” said the elephant as he walked away. The dog smiled, “wish you a happy dream,” said the dog.

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