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Old Aged Lion Telling His Story

Why Are You So Sad Today?

“How are you, Mr. Lion? Why are you hiding away from the rest of us?” asked a little bird who came to visit the Lion king.

“Hi baby, I am too old now. I can’t hunt anymore. I can’t even walk. When I was young, I fought even with elephants. But now I am helpless. I hope those elephants will not come my way. I am hiding here from everybody, even from other lions. A lion’s life is thrilling. But when he becomes old, he won’t get any peace of mind because he has a lot of enemies by then.

You know, old age is a tough time to cope with. Nobody will mind you. Animals once scared of me are now making fun of me. Even small rabbits also escape from me.

I hope I will live a young lion’s life again. But I know that’s an impossible dream. All I can think of now is finding food to survive. Ok, let me see if I get something handy to satisfy my hunger. Thanks for coming to me,” said the lion and walked out of its cave. The little bird flew away silently.

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