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Rooster And The Change Of Seasons

Hey, Why You Are Late Today?

Every morning, the proud rooster gets up early in the morning and does his duty to wake up the countryside to a new day. But one day, after crowning several times, the sun didn’t appear. That made the rooster a lot unhappy. Finally, the sun arrived late by a few hours.

“Hey, you are too late to rise. You should rise up and shine early in the morning. How many times I crowed, and you disappointed me. Now everybody will laugh at me,” said the rooster.

I am sort of mistaken you. Sorry for my lack of knowledge!

“Oh, sorry, Mr. rooster. I should have informed you about this before to avoid that embarrassment.  I am late because the seasons have changed. Now I will appear in the sky only late by a few hours. So you should adjust your clock to that time zone. Anyway, sorry for the embarrassment you had because of my late appearance. Nobody will make fun of you. Because everybody knows why the sun is late,” said the sun smiling.

“I am sorry about my complaint. I should not have talked like that. I am sort of mistaken you. Sorry for my lack of knowledge! Thanks for spending time to make me understand the change of seasons. I need to learn a lot. I will stop complaining and learn something new every day,” said the rooster. The sun again smiled and became brighter.

Every day, we have something new to learn. Keep an open mind for it!

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