Let's Play Together, The Value Of Sharing


cats playing football

Good, we got this ball, let’s play!

Two cats friends were playing with a ball they found on the beach. A little boy came on their way. “Hey cats, what are you doing with my ball? give my ball back” the boy said in an angry tone. But the cats were not ready to give the ball.

“Hey kid, you are terribly mistaken. This ball we got from the beach. You have come only now.  You play with us, we can play together. So the ball is ours.” The cats said to the boy.

Ok, that’s a great idea. The boy smiled. Let’s play together. They started playing with the ball until its evening. So the little boy told the cats that it’s time to leave now. We can play some other day. Ok, said the cats. But we want to give you a gift for playing with us. The boy got curious. The cats gave him the ball and said you can keep the ball with you. Next time when you come bring the ball also so that we can play together. The boy was happy to receive the gift from the cats. From that day onwards, they played together.

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