How The Rabbit Made A Narrow Escape From The Hungry Lion


hello happiness

Today is a very bad day for me thought the hungry Lion. He was walking in the forest with an empty stomach all day. He was both hungry and angry. He was not sure what to do with his empty stomach. He didn’t get anything to eat. He was surprised where all the animals gone hiding. To his pleasant surprise he spotted a fatty rabbit jumping here and there in a bush. The lion was happy finally I got something to eat he thought. With small steps he approached the rabbit without making any sound.

Seeing the lion in front of him, the rabbit gripped with fear but couldn’t move. Sometimes it happens. When we are under fear, sound will not come from our throat. The poor rabbit realized that it is the end of his life. In a bid to save his life he tried to play a smart game with the lion. He asked the Lion what happened to his nose? Your nose is looking very reddish. What happened? Are you ill or something? The rabbit asked the Lion. The Lion got confused. He felt something wrong with him. So he lost all the interest in catching the rabbit. Rabbit advised him to go and meet his doctor. So the Lion went out searching for the doctor and rabbit had a narrow escape. The rabbit realized that distracting the enemy is a smart approach always save life.