A Hungry Lion Story

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Hello Bunny!

“Today also it is going to be a hunger day for me,” the hungry lion whispered to himself. For several days, he had nothing to eat. “Where are all these animals gone hiding,” he wondered. “Wow, what is that moving around the corner,” the lion saw a fat rabbit, jumping here and there.” 

Without making any sound, with small footsteps, the lion got near to the rabbit.

Curious About The Red Nose

Seeing the lion, the rabbit was frozen out of fear, he couldn’t move.  To save his life, he tried to play a smart game with the lion. “Hey Mr.Lion, what happened to your nose? I can see it turned red,” he said to the lion.

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“What are you talking about? My nose is perfectly alright, everybody admires my nose for its beauty,” the angry lion said. “No sir, but have a red nose now.  I don’t know whether it is true, I have heard stories that lions before they die, turn their noses red,” said the rabbit.

“You might be right dear, I feel some itchiness in my nose. I must see my doctor right away. Anyway, thanks buddy for telling me that,” said the lion. The lion felt something wrong with him, forgot about his hunting, and hurried for the monkey doctor. The rabbit heaved a sigh of relief as he had a narrow escape.

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