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How A Bird Helped A Boy From The Tiger

Hey, boy, you are asking for trouble!

The boy loved birds and spent time studying different kinds of birds. One day, he was in the forest looking for the birds. He found many birds and walked to the inner forest to see more birds. Then he heard a frantic message from the top of the tree. Looking up, the boy saw a lovely bird.

“Go back, go back!” the bird was trying to warn the boy about a tiger hiding behind the tree. The boy was a bird lover. Luckily, the boy could understand a bird’s language. He sensed the danger and ran away from the tiger. Then the boy lost his track. But the bird was there to again help him.

“Boy, follow me. I will show you the way out of this forest,” said the bird.

The boy walked according to the bird’s direction, who was flying around the boy. Soon, he was out of danger. The boy thanked the bird for the help and went home happy.

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Jack: Tweet,tweet, I know the bird language

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